The Inca of Machu Picchu: People of the Sun

DIGITAL EFFECT: The IncaCrossfade the scene to the coordinates of Machu Picchu, on the Southern Hemisphere 2012 winter solstice, at the beginning of astronomical morning twilight. If presenters would like to use the current year instead, update with the correct year. VISUAL 31 (still): Map with Machu Picchu Marked Throughout the Americas, people tracked the […]

Popol Vuh

DIGITAL EFFECTS: VenusShow images and move Venus as required. Let’s start at the beginning of the Mayan story, the Popol Vuh, when there is nothing but Venus as a morning star. Early morning is the time when life begins and, in the beginning, the first humans are made out of corn. They are twins named […]

The Maya: First People

DIGITAL EFFECT: The MayaCrossfade the scene to the coordinates of Chichen Itza (20°40′58.44″N 88°34′7.14″W), on 2012/07/04, approximately 2 hours before sunrise, as a time when Venus is the Morning Star. The map marking the location of Chichen Itza is also on, as well as the realtime Venus. VISUAL 22 (still): Map with Chichen Itza MarkedWe […]

The Anasazi People: Ancient Ones

DIGITAL EFFECT: Anasazi PeopleCrossfade the scene to the coordinates of Chaco Canyon (36.06°N 107.97°W), on the date of the 1054 A.D. supernova—1054/07/05—about one hour before sunrise (with the atmosphere off). VISUAL 13 (still): Map with Chaco Canyon MarkedNow we travel several hundred miles south to Chaco Canyon in northwest New Mexico. VISUAL 14 (still): Sun […]

Medicine Wheel

DIGITAL EFFECT: SunriseSun at sunrise position, June 21, summer solstice. We have found that observing Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun can help us not only to stay in touch with Mother Earth and Father Sky, but can help us in maintaining vital aspects of living such as hunting, farming, and social life. DIGITAL EFFECT: Medicine […]

Hupa Sunrise Watching—The Solar Year

Religious leaders called World Walkers or Cosmic Net Weavers watch the position of sunrise along the eastern horizon to establish the beginning of the year. This renews harmony between the Moon cycles and the Sun cycle. Let’s travel with the World Walker up to the mountains on the border of the Hupa homeland. DIGITAL EFFECT: […]

Hupa Cultural Calendar

The three stones together are a public community calendar for all to share. There is a natural event or ceremony during each Moon cycle. During the first three moons (January through March), it is winter, a time of rain and snow, when food is scarce. During this time, the men and boys live separately from […]

The Hupa People:Who Live Where The Trails Lead Home

DIGITAL EFFECT: Hupa People Crossfade scene to the coordinates of Hoopa Valley (41.06434°N 123.68271°W), on 2012/11/16 approximately 90 minutes after sunset. Scale up the Sun and Moon 5x for easier viewing of lunar phases and solar alignments. The date was specifically chosen as a November date with a waxing crescent Moon. If users wish to […]