On the Moon

On The MoonIf the children have exited and returned, greet them at the planetarium entrance door. DIGITAL EFFECT: Land on MoonAs the children enter the planetarium, make a Moon panorama “grow” into place, simulating a “landing.” Welcome to the Moon! As you can see, the Moon seems like a strange and mysterious place. It is […]

What Is The Moon Like?

Well, before we can land on the Moon, we’d better learn a little about what the Moon is like. Here are some real movies of people who have been to the Moon. DIGITAL EFFECT: Fly to MoonMove the Moon to the sweetspot (planetarium North), and then travel towards the Moon.Explain what is being shown during […]

Blast Off!

Now let’s use our imaginations and pretend that we can take that same trip here in the planetarium. I think we’re just about ready to take off here. First we need to get into the Command Module, where we’ll be spending most of the journey. VISUAL 5 (movie): CM Insertion[Astronaut getting into the Command Module] […]

Introduction: How Do We Get There?

Hello, and welcome to the _____ Planetarium.My name is _________ and I will be leading you on a pretend flight to the Moon! Raise your hand if you think you might like to go to outer space and travel to the real Moon someday. What might it be like on the Moon? [Accept any answers.] […]

Moon Story

People all over the world have watched the Moon and have come up with ideas about why the Moon changes its shape. Here’s one story that comes from the Euahlayi (you-ah-LAY-ee), one of the many tribes that were the first people of Australia: VISUAL 1 (still): Full Moon Put up a large still image graphic […]

Watching the Moon’s Phases

We’re going on a pretend spaceship ride to the Moon just like Apollo astronauts did. But before we go to the Moon, let’s learn a little bit about the Moon. One of the great things about a planetarium is that we can make our pretend sky look like it is any time of the day […]