Shuttle Landing

Now we’ll see how the Space Shuttle lands. First we’ll take a look at the cockpit, or the main control center, of the shuttle.

VISUAL 14 (movie): Cockpit

Watch the window, and you might see something interesting happening.

Indicate window as it begins to glow.

The outside glows red because everything heats up as the shuttle speeds through the atmosphere.

DIGITAL EFFECT: Return to Earth
After a final stop, the presenter can land. Approach Earth closely, then fade the scene and land us back on Earth at noon.
VISUAL 16 (movie): Shuttle descending
VISUAL 16 (movie): HUD
This is called the heads-up display, or “HUD”, and it give the pilots information like their altitude and speed so they can make a safe landing. It also has this outline that the pilot has to line up with the runway to make a safe landing.
VISUAL 17 (movie): Shuttle Landing