Pitch, Roll, and Yaw

Hand out Space Shuttle models.

I’m giving each of you a model of the Space Shuttle to use for the next few minutes.
We’re going to learn ways that a shuttle can move. In addition to going from place to place, the shuttle can spin three different ways.

Demonstrate each type of spin—pitch, roll, and yaw. In each case, have the audience move their model in the way you demonstrate.
Roll: spin with the length of the shuttle as its axis.
Pitch: the nose of the shuttle goes up and down (tail goes down and up).
Yaw: the nose goes back and forth left-to-right (tail goes back and forth right-to-left).
Set latitude to 0°; have all models pointed towards the North Star (on the horizon); and show how sky movement would look for each type of movement. Pitch would make stars move like latitude changing; roll would make stars move as in diurnal motion; yaw would make stars move as if changing azimuth. 
Collect Space Shuttle models.