When the Space Shuttle is orbiting the Earth, the astronauts inside experience a condition known as weightlessness. They float around and never need to stand on the floor. Here’s what it looks like. VISUAL 8 (movie): Floating Astronauts Can you tell which way is up and which way is down? [No.] When you’re floating in space, […]

Pitch, Roll, and Yaw

Hand out Space Shuttle models. I’m giving each of you a model of the Space Shuttle to use for the next few minutes.We’re going to learn ways that a shuttle can move. In addition to going from place to place, the shuttle can spin three different ways. Demonstrate each type of spin—pitch, roll, and yaw. […]

Far Away Things Look Small

Most things in the sky are very very far away from us.Let me introduce you to this little cardboard person, Elvin. Show the cardboard cutout person. You can make up any names you want. [If you have the other figure hidden:]This person has a little cardboard friend, Sherbin—let me go get Sherbin for you. Will one […]

A Magnetic Earth Around A Magnetic Sun

VISUAL 19 (still): Symmetric Magnetic Field Idled around Earth [Fade off Symmetric Magnetic Field.] The Sun is a magnetic star. And Earth is a magnetic planet! VISUAL 20 (movie): Magnetic Field of the Earth, Field Detection[Show and play the video that accompanies the interactive Magnetic Fields activity]. DIGITAL EFFECT: Magnetic MoviePause and hide the video. […]

Differential Rotation

VISUAL 12 (still): Intensitygram of Sun[Show, in sequence, an intensity-gram of the Sun.] We can learn more from sunspots by looking at images different than the type we see here. VISUAL 13 (still): Magnetogram of Sun This is the same Sun, but this is a magnetogram, showing the Sun’s magnetic intensity. You can see the […]