Introduction: Stonehenge

DIGITAL EFFECT: Go to EveningFast forward to approximately 90 minutes after sunset.Fade out music as stars, Moon and planets appear. Good evening. The sky above us may look like an ordinary nighttime sky, but for today’s presentation, entitled “Stonehenge,” we have transported you to southern England, on today’s date, but about 3500 years ago. Has […]

Gerald Hawkins, Astronomer and Tourist, Makes a Guess

Hawkins started with an observation, discovered a few hundred years ago: on the first day of summer—the longest day of the year—the Sun will rise just over this stone when observed from the central area. Indicate the stone on the far right with a pointer. VISUAL 5 (still): Heelstone Closeup. Fade on and scale up […]

Reconstructing Stonehenge

Gerald Hawkins guessed that if Stonehenge marked one alignment with a celestial object, the Sun, it might mark others as well, like the sunrise and sunset we just recorded, or the risings or settings of stars or planets. To test that suspicion, his hypothesis, Hawkins first had to “reconstruct” Stonehenge, at least on paper, to […]